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NBN - Happiness or Horror ?

Been avoiding the NBN migration for your business because you’ve heard too many horror stories?

Unfortunately we also see and hear about many terrible implementations of NBN. Just this week we visited a local business that has been without phones and Internet for several weeks due to issues with the NBN switchover.

Apologies if I upset some of the service providers but in almost every case where there have been issues with the NBN the primary cause is the poor processes involved in the transition.


NBN going live should be something of a blessing that provides better services at lower costs. We have many successful implementations that have significantly reduced costs.

  • Super-fast Internet
  • More reliable Internet
  • Save money
  • Analogue phones services will be switched off around 18 months after the NBN goes live in your area.

The IT community has a best practice model for the implementation of change, unfortunately many businesses are letting their current or new Internet service providers make the changes without any thought to the consequences of issues that may arise.In simple terms there is little to no process or planning involved and certainly they are not making the changes in accordance to our industry best practices.


When switching over don’t just hope for the best:

  • Ensure that whoever is managing the transition is following best practice guidelines
  • Plan!
  • ASK questions, “what if there is a problem?”
  • Know what speed and what data allowance you are getting, speed is often hidden.

Verify the impact, ensure planning is done, choose an NBN retailer and get on board and reap the many benefits!

BizIt are not NBN retailers, we are independent IT consultants, but we are more than happy to assist your business make a smooth transition to your chosen NBN service provider.

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